Moorestown Day – Setup Instructions

Dear Moorestown Day Participant:

Thank you for registering for Moorestown Day 2024! Please read through the following instructions between now and the event date. 

These instructions are for Moorestown Day, Saturday, June 1, 2024. Show hours are 9 AM to 3 PM rain or shine. Set up time will begin at 7 AM. All Participants must be on site by 8 AM.

Event Entrance: The event entrance is at W. Prospect Ave. and Church St., and there will be volunteers to help direct you to your booth.

Only one vehicle is permitted per exhibitor. All participants must enter Main St. via Prospect to High St. Volunteers will be available to assist in finding your booth space.

Please note: You will be rerouted if you try to enter by any street other than Prospect Street.

Booths will be set up against the curb in your designated location, and the middle of the street will be a walkway for the buying public.

See Special Instructions for exhibitors in the race area at the end of this information.

Please proceed to your space, drop your supplies, and immediately move your vehicle off the street to designated exhibitor parking areas before you begin set-up. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE OFF THE STREET BY 8 AM. Please be aware that there will be approximately 1,000 runners stretching, walking, and preparing for a race that starts at 8:30 AM. Be careful when moving your vehicle to parking areas!! See Race Set-Up Below*


From North or East of Moorestown: 
(e.g. Burlington, Willingboro, Mt. Holly, or Lumberton) you may either use Rte 130 South, 295 South, or Rte. 38 West.

From Route 130 South: exit onto Bridgeboro Road, and proceed to the end of Bridgeboro Road, where it connects with Riverton-Moorestown Road (Chester Ave in Moorestown). Turn left at the light, proceed on Chester Ave to the light at Second St. Turn right onto 2nd St and proceed to Church St. Turn left and cross over Main Street and make the first left onto Prospect.

From I-295: take exit 40 (Route 38 West) and follow the directions for Route 38 West below.

Route 38 West: proceed to Moorestown. Pass over 295 to the first traffic light (Intersection with Marter Ave). Proceed to the 4th light (Church St.), turn right, and proceed uphill, one block before Main, and make a right onto Prospect.


Booth display: We provide the space, you must supply your own means of display, including a table, tent, and chairs. Tents are the responsibility of the vendor. All booths must be attractive on all sides, and no boxes or merchandise should be visible. All displays should be free-standing.

Sales Tax Certificates should be clearly visible in your booth.

Booth location: Your Booth location can be found with our volunteers at the barricade on Prospect & High. Please unload at the booth site and move your vehicle to the designated exhibitor parking area before beginning setup.  All Booth Spaces are 10ft. by 10ft.  Your booth location can also be found on the attached documents.  Simply look for your business and your number is displayed next to it.


Parking: Parking in the municipal lot at the Town Hall and behind stores along Main Street is limited. Once the lot is full, you will need to use the off-site parking at Lincoln Tech. Lincoln Tech is providing FREE parking and a FREE Shuttle Service throughout the day. Follow the FREE Parking signs to park in their large lot on 308 W. Rt. 38, (or enter from Harper Drive) and look for the LTI buses. The shuttle will drop you off at High Street, one block from Main. Please do not park on side streets or undesignated parking areas in the parking lots. There is a good chance you will be ticketed if you do so.

Parking Exhibitor Sign: Please display your ‘exhibitor’ sign on your dashboard to enter the event and when in the municipal parking lot. Note: a limited number of exhibitor signs will be available at the entrance, if you do not have your sign, please ask for one.


Booth Breakdown: You may begin the breakdown at 3:00 PM. Please break down your booth and pack your inventory before bringing your vehicle back onto the street. The street will reopen to traffic at 4:30 PM.

TRASH: Please put your trash in plastic bags and secure the openings and place it at the curb. Please Note: Moorestown recycles, so please separate your recyclable materials and place them on the Southside (even-numbered side) of the street, non-recyclables on the Northside (uneven numbered side)

*** RACE SET-UP ***

TO ALL EXHIBITORS FROM 2 – 102 AND 1 – 135 (High St to Church St)

Please make every effort to arrive as close to 7 AM as possible. Your vehicle must be off Main Street by 8 AM.
Please proceed up High Street in the LEFT LANE as you will be directed to make a left onto Main towards your booth space.

Please drop off your supplies at your booth location and remove your cars immediately. This makes it easier for all exhibitors to get to their location and eliminate unnecessary traffic jams.

 Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

** TO ALL EXHIBITORS FROM 155 – 327 AND 104 – 248 (Mill Street to Chester Ave.)

Please make every effort to arrive as close to 7 AM as possible. Your vehicle must be off Main Street by 8 AM.

Please proceed up High Street in the RIGHT LANE as you will be directed to make a right onto Main towards your booth space.

There will be approximately 1000 runners stretching, walking, etc., between Mill St. and the start line at the Community House driveway. Be careful driving past them going to your space. The race will start at 8:30 AM.

You may set up in the street at your space number as close to the curb as possible. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING AT THE FRONT OF YOUR SPACE OR OVER THE TAPE LINES UNTIL THE RUNNERS HAVE LEFT. Once they have passed, you are free to set up your booth. IT CAN NOT EXCEED 10 FEET FROM THE CURB.


We ask that all vendors that have food trucks are large vehicles to please arrive at 6:30 AM. This will allow for an easier set-up and flow of traffic. Please keep in mind that once you are parked, you will not be able to leave until the even has ended and the street is re-opened.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to seeing you and wish you a profitable day.