Policy concerning Email advertising to members
It shall be the policy of the Moorestown Business Association (MBA), notwithstanding the printed and online publication of the membership directory, to not make available the membership list of email addresses to any person or group, member or non-member.

It shall be the policy of the MBA as a service to its members and the community of Moorestown in general to accept and distribute advertisements and public notices as follows:

  1. All emailed member advertisements and notices will be distributed no more than “once per week” on a day deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors (BOD).
  2. All notices submitted for distribution by the MBA shall be submitted complete and ready to insert directly into an email. The staff of the MBA will not be responsible for preparation of artwork or any other preparation services.
  3. Members (including non-profit members) of the MBA shall be able to send a notice or advertisement to the membership once per quarter for a fee of $25 per email.
  4. MBA member non-profits, community organizations and the like shall be able to send a notice or advertisement to the membership for a fee of zero per email per month provided that the event is offered at no charge; that the event is open to everyone without exception; and that the event serves the public good of Moorestown.
  5. MBA shall have the unilateral right to reject any email it feels, for any reason, which is not in the best interest of the MBA to send to its members. The decision of the MBA is final, there is no right of appeal and the Executive Board shall have the final authority.
  6. All political emails will include a MBA statement explaining that the message is not a political endorsement.
  7. All payments for advertising and notices as provided for above shall be made by credit card on the MBA website. All payments are non-refundable.

Policy regarding membership fees paid “in kind” or bartered.
It shall be the policy of the MBA to accept in-kind or barter type exchanges of membership fees and/or event sponsorships in whole or in part for goods and services, provided the goods or services are needed by the MBA and are offered at a competitive rate. The provision shall be exercised at the discretion of the BOD which shall have no obligation to do so.

Policy regarding the solicitation of goods and services
It shall be the policy of the MBA to purchase goods and services from members whenever possible. Only MBA members can submit proposals for MBA projects. In addition, when soliciting bids or proposals, the MBA shall only solicit proposals and bids from members whose normal business activity qualifies them to dispense the goods or provide the service requested. A minimum of two bids or proposals shall be obtained for every purchase in excess of $1,000.
If no qualifying businesses are available within the MBA membership or only one such bidder exists then the MBA shall look to outside vendors and contractors for proposals for the good or service. At the discretion of the BOD, the MBA may accept volunteer goods and services from anyone capable.

Policy regarding event sponsors and MBA membership
While it is the policy of the MBA to encourage all businesses and event sponsors to become members of the MBA, any business is free to provide sponsorship for an MBA event without becoming a member. It is noted that any sponsorship of $500 or more per calendar year entitles the sponsor to a free MBA membership for that year

Policy regarding meetings and associated increases for “at the door” payment
The MBA shall use and maintain software for the purpose of announcing and registering for upcoming Membership Meetings and Business Networking Events. It shall be the policy of the MBA to announce upcoming meetings and events by email to the email list and request RSVP replies. For lunch meetings with a required payment, it is in the interest of the MBA to secure as many advance reservations as possible and to limit as much as possible “pay at the door” attendees. The BOD may establish an alternate price for advance registration and for “pay at the door”. The “pay at the door” price is to be sufficiently higher to encourage advance registration but not so high as to discourage last minute attendance. Because the MBA will rely on the advance registration count to plan events, all registration payments will be non-refundable and the event notice shall so state.

Policy regarding guests brought to MBA membership meetings
It is the intention of the MBA to encourage as many business owners and employees of businesses as possible to join the MBA and participate in the affairs of the Association. To facilitate the introduction of new members to the Association, it shall be the policy of the MBA that members can and are encouraged to bring prospective new members to a monthly meeting and can do so “free of charge”. This is intended to be a “one-time” exemption and is not to extend to additional employees of existing members.