Lula's Empanadas LLC

Business Info


Contact: Yaslyn Lora, Founder



1515 Market Street Ste. 1200
Philadlephia, PA 19102


Lula's focuses on Dominican infused empanadas with a twist of contemporary flavors that pays homage to the various cultures in our country. As a first generation Dominican American the founder made it a priority to have flavors that were influenced by her upbringings. From Thai sweet chili chicken, to Cajun shrimp Mac and cheese to curry chickpea and even guava, fig, and brie. What makes us special is the integration of Dominican flavors. Our flavors have reached the taste pallets of babies, college students, corporate clients and everybody in between. Our goal is to bring cultures together through our unique flavors and inspire our guests to reach for the unknown. We are passionate in our belief that together we create unknown flavors to the human eye.

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