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May 17, 2017 -



MBA Recognizes Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital on 50th Anniversary

May 12, 2017 -



MBA Recognizes Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital

on 50th Anniversary


It’s not often a small business of any kind makes it to its 50th year—even family businesses face challenges to persist in today’s market. But Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital is an exception. Its owners embrace innovation without sacrificing tradition, and maintain a passion about what they do every day. Their dedication and hard work has paid off. This month the practice, owned and operated continuously by the Driben family, will celebrate 50 years of business in Moorestown.

In 1967 Dr. Charles Driben was looking for a place to relocate his veterinary practice in this area, and jumped at the chance to purchase the Burl-Moor Veterinary Clinic when it went on the market in May of that year. In those days the practice focused on large animals and was located in a single building surrounded by fields on the western edge of Moorestown.  Dr. Driben added his own name to the fledgling business, and Burl-Moor-Driben (BMD) evolved into a practice specializing in household pets, although the occasional horse or even exotic animal required his care through the years. Eventually the business outgrew the single building, and multiple add-ons made it possible to accommodate the practice’s expanding clientele. In addition to broadening its animal health care capabilities, BMD offered boarding kennel services, and professional and technical staff was added to fill these needs. Most of Dr. Driben’s four children assisted in the kennel and his wife helped run the front office, setting the stage for BMD to evolve into a family business.

Dr. Driben’s youngest son Ian went on to become a successful businessman and was working toward his master’s degree in business administration, but hadn’t yet settled on a specific field.  When his father asked if he would consider veterinary school instead, Ian realized that his heart was in the practice his father had built and where he’d essentially grown up. Instead of finishing his MBA, he enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School where his father had trained, and in 2005 became the second Dr. Driben at BMD. His business background was a great asset in helping to manage and improve that side of the enterprise, and he also brought with him the most recent veterinary advances. Together they continued to expand the legacy business, each providing specific insight and skills.     

Today BMD has six veterinarians and a staff of thirty offering services for a wide variety of routine and more advanced animal health care, including: soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, behavior and nutrition counseling, advanced dental care, ultrasounds and echocardiograms, allergy and dermatologic work-ups, internal medicine and endocrinopathy management, and chemotherapy as well. Instead of a predetermined vaccination program, BMD utilizes vaccine antibody titer testing, a cutting edge protocol that measures a pet’s responses to prior vaccines to help determine the necessity of boostering certain vaccines. “Every patient in here is an individual,” the doctors note. “We don’t do cookie-cutter medicine.”  The hospital is able to provide these extra services through a multi-faceted approach involving ongoing continuing education, hands-on wet labs, and their close working relationships with the best board certified specialists in the area, which include daily consults and personalized on-site training.  If your pet’s health requires more specialized care, then BMD can seamlessly coordinate with these various local specialty hospitals to provide your pet with the best help and ongoing continuity of care and communication.

As much as the staff at BMD love working with animals, they also pay particular attention to each pet’s ‘family’. The doctors spend a lot of time with pet owners going over every detail of care and answering all questions. “It’s very important to make that connection,” say the Dribens. “We make an effort to build trust and relationships.” Their emphasis on personal attention and top-notch care is evident in the thriving practice, which provides service for hundreds of animals each week. The Dribens are also seeing the children of many of the practice’s early clients who wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for their pets’ health care—even if it means driving quite a distance.

Widely respected in the field, BMD was recently reaccredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, which only recognizes 15 percent of all animal hospitals in North America.  Ian Driben recently served as president and was a member of the executive board of the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (like his father who had served in both positions in the past) and currently serves on the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Dean’s Alumni Council. The doctors also make an effort to share their skills and knowledge with the community through rabies clinics, career days, tours for scouts, skill-building job experiences, and working with satellite school programs to help student development. Throughout all of these efforts, the Dribens’ emphasis has been to educate people on the value of animals.

Moorestown Business Association is pleased to recognize Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital as it celebrates its 50th anniversary as a leader in veterinary medicine in the region, and as a cornerstone business that helps make the Moorestown community exceptional.

Photo: MBA President Steven Pazienza with Drs. Ian and Charles Driben of Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital. Photo credit: Tom Sheckels


South Jersey Driving School Merits MBA Spotlight Award

Apr 11, 2017 -


South Jersey Driving School Merits MBA Spotlight Award


Moorestown Business Association initiated its Spotlight Award Program to applaud member businesses who enhance the township and contribute to the community. In recognizing South Jersey Driving School, the MBA is acknowledging an enterprise for which a vital community service is the nature of the business itself. For 35 years, South Jersey Driving School has provided teens and others with driving skills, and in so doing is making our streets safer for everyone. When you see the school’s signature black and yellow cars on the road, they are being used to teach knowledge to last a lifetime and to protect lives.

Creating a business that fills such an important niche has been quite a road trip. In 1983 Tony Caracci was working in a sales position, but was looking for a new career direction. The former physical education teacher, whose responsibilities had included driver’s education, missed teaching young people. When he took a second job as an instructor at a driving school, he realized it was his calling and decided to open a school of his own. Tony sold his personal car and used the proceeds to buy his first driver education car: a Ford Escort.

Mary Beth managed public relations for area hospitals, but she was excited about his new venture and assisted him part time as the business developed. They married a few years later, and in 1996 Mary Beth began to work with Tony full time to accommodate the expansion of South Jersey Driving School. It was the perfect blend of talents, with Mary Beth using her PR skills to market the business and manage client relations and Tony directing the educational component. “Together we made it possible to be where we are today,” Mary Beth explains.

In 2002, after operating for 14 years out of an office in Marlton, the Caraccis moved the business to Moorestown to take advantage of a more strategic location and also to be closer to home while raising their three daughters.  Soon afterward Barb Krier was hired to manage the office, and the school now has 12 employees and a fleet of six vehicles. Mary Beth estimates that they have instructed over 100,000 students since 1983. It is particularly satisfying for the Caraccis that they are now seeing the second generation of students—young drivers whose parents learned to drive at South Jersey Driving School.

Perhaps one reason people who developed their road skills at South Jersey Driving are now sending their children to learn with the Caraccis is because part of the school’s process is to get to know the students and their families. “One thing that sets us apart from other driving schools is the importance we place on the initial meeting with the student and family members,” notes Mary Beth. Prospective students are made to feel welcome while she stresses the importance of the Graduated License laws and how these laws affect the people they care about.

After the initial meeting and written and eye tests are completed, students are scheduled for a minimum of six hours (the state requirement) of behind-the-wheel training, although many families opt for more. South Jersey Driving provides “door-to-door” service for most of the area it covers, which includes Burlington County, parts of Camden County, and potentially the Jersey shore. Instructors arrive at students’ homes or schools to pick them up for lessons and then drop them back off when they are done, making it easy for busy families. When they are ready, students are accompanied by South Jersey Driving School agents to the DMV so they can take the road test to get their drivers licenses. The school sends about 20 students a week for road tests, and Mary Beth says most pass on their first try. The Caraccis derive a great deal of satisfaction in knowing they have helped place competent and aware new drivers on the road.

The couple is also active in civic engagement, with a history of supporting local youth sports teams and high school Project Graduation. Mary Beth, formerly an MBA board member and active in Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, will be serving as a Moorestown Rotarian as of this year. Tony is a board member of the Driving School Association of America, a national organization promoting driver safety and education all over North America. He is also an active member of the Basketball Club of South Jersey, where he awards an annual scholarship.  Tony and Mary Beth stress that the most valuable service they can provide is to start kids off right with good driving skills. “It is so important for them to be prepared and to learn how to avoid distractions and develop safe driving habits from the beginning,” they emphasize. “We love and believe in what we do here.”

Photo: MBA President Steven Pazienza, South Jersey Driving School owners Mary Beth and Tony Caracci, and MBA Vice President Kathleen Hiltner. Photo credit: Tom Sheckels


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