MBA History

The Moorestown Business Association was founded in 1974 by a group of business owners and merchants with a goal of improving the business climate for its members.  Now celebrating its 40th year in 2014, the MBA has had these following recent highlights:


Year        Members     Sponsors       Dollars      Amount           Donated Item To Moorestown 

2014           304                 29              $13,750        $1,300             Main Street Bueatification Project

2013           266                 30              $12,750         $5,000            Percheron Park Bench

2012           260                 32              $16.500         $1,750            Main St & Camden Ave Flower Baskets

2011           252                 28              $12,000         $1,000            Paint of Perkins Center for the Arts

2010           232                 14                $6,250         $1,500            Windows On Main Street

2009           231                 18               $20,250         $1,000           Community House Donation

2008           220                 16               $19,750         $5,000           Community House Donation

2007           204                 15               $14,500         $2,500           Emer. Squad Hydraulic Stretcher

2006           145                                                        $10,000        Visioning Project Contribution

2005           108                                                         $1,000         Candlelight Night Pole Banners


The MBA has also done the following in its recent history:


  • Added ‘ArtWalk’ to its five other town-wide events in 2009.  The MBA was asked to take over this event from the Moorestown Arts Association.
  • Donated $1,000 for Town’s "Random Acts Of Kindness” Wristbands in 2008.
  • Added the Halloween Parade to its four other town-wide events in 2006; Moorestown Day (which was started in 1976), Candlelight Night (1976), Autumn In Moorestown Festival (1993), and the Easter Egg Hunt (1999).  The MBA was asked to take over this parade once the “Make It Moorestown” Committee ceased operations at the end of the year after Moorestown being named “the best place to live in America!” by Money Magazine in July 2005.)
  • Annually buys, puts up, and takes down Autumn In Moorestown cornstalks.
  • Asked the Township for some sort of Appearance Committee, which became the forerunner of the current Appearance Committee.
  • Arranged for two business district trash pickups per week, when only one was originally scheduled.
  • Convinced the County to pick up recyclables in the business district, when only residential pickups were originally scheduled.
  • Donated 100+ U.S. flags to the Township for light pole decorations in 2001.